Danny Kings - Tonight

Playlist -
01- Where Else - 14KT
02- Ypsilanti - 14KT
03- The D Light in You - 14KT
04- The Night - 14KT
05- Reprise (Start Over) [Feat. Lovesong] - 14KT
06- Firstlove - Mr. Dibia$e
07- 14KT “Too Busy Smilin” - 14KT
08- Zones - Hi-Res
09- Searchin For It - Mr. Dibia$e
10-The Time (I Need) - Tall Black Guy
11- Stick 2 Freestylin - Mr. Dibia$e
12- Breath & AIR - Tall Black Guy
13- Reflectin - Mr. Dibia$e
14- All Because She’s Gone - Oddisee
15- Stays On My Mind - Soulfoul!
16- But Not For Me - Lauren Santiago - Question & Freddie Joachim
18- knfly - Knx
19- Ways of you are - TUAMIE
20- Flat Soda Chasers - Sango

J Dilla’s track “The Anthem” feat. Frank & Dank gets an essential remix by the prolific Cookin’ Soul, an Okayplayer exclusive for Throwback Thursday.

Artwork by Alexander Grahovsky ( )

more from Cookin’ Soul:

It’s been 25 Years since our “Three Feet High” release. We have a lot great memories and an incredible journey. Amazingly enough, our fans stuck around, supported and still want more. Ok, but before you get that, here’s a little De La over Dilla Beats.

Enjoy and look out for the new mixtape “Smell The DA.I.S.Y.” all beats by J Dilla. Peace… and in advance, You’re Welcome.

Upcoming Projects:
“Smell The DA.I.S.Y.” produced by J Dilla (Mixtape),
“Premium Soul On The Rocks” produced by DJ Premier & Pete Rock (Mixtape) “You’re Welcome” (Album)